Titusville Update

It looks like we have our answer from Rep. Thompson. The demonstration in Titusville was reported in a number of places. This story from The Titusville Herald, quoting Thompson’s communications director, tells us all we need to know about our representative’s position on dissent (emphasis mine):

“Pennsylvania’s 5th Congressional district is larger than the state of New Jersey. So, when he is not in Washington, Congressman Thompson is on the road meeting with constituents or taking meetings in his Bellefonte and Titusville offices. Last year alone he hosted more than 1,000 constituent meetings. Mr. Thompson is a problem solver and welcomes all constituents to meet with him, voice their concerns, find common ground, and generate homegrown solutions to the challenges facing our country. However, he will not provide a venue for a few vocal activists to create a spectacle. Those individuals have all been offered meetings with the Congressman, yet many have declined to attend.

It turns out that Daily Kos posted about the event as well (here’s the link). The post included a shot from inside the crowded office:


A Visit to Rep. Thompson’s Office

On Valentine’s Day, Indivisible We Rise (five of us, anyway) made a trip to Rep. Glenn Thompson’s office in Titusville for an action orchestrated by Dan Doubet of Keystone Progress. About 25-30 people showed up to demand that our elusive representative hold a live Town Hall event with his constituents in Erie. (I will post the details on that when I can confirm the date.)

Thompson’s staff were certainly not expecting us when we began crowding into their tiny office. Our Clarion group was among the first to get in the door, so I was able to hand a letter to Rep. Thompson detailing the concerns of Indivisible We Rise members directly to his office manager.

The engagement was boisterous but cordial, and his staff were accommodating. (It seems they—or someone—called the cops when we first arrived, though, but they never came inside the building, as the situation was clearly non-confrontational; we discovered them outside when we left the building.)

A good day was had by all. As to results, we’ll have to wait and see whether Rep. Thompson deigns to attend the Town Hall that Keystone Progress has arranged for him…