Earth Day Events in Clarion

WeRise has a great team in place for our upcoming Earth Day Event at the Clarion Free Library on April 22. We have lots of planned activities for children and families!

Activities for Children

  • Bubble-blowing
  • Fun with Tracing & Templates
    • Tracing Bird and Animal Tracks
    • Bird Skull Templates  
    • Arthropod Templates
  • Print-making with Freshwater Fish
  • Fossil Rubbings and Castings
  • Please Touch Me! Exhibit
  • Music and singalong songs
  • Storytelling session     

Lessons & Exhibits

  • Picture Yourself as a Scientist
  • Climate Change, Forest Change, Tree Ring Analysis
  • Bark Beetles, Forests, and Climate Change
  • Exhibits of Rocks, Minerals, and Fossils
  • How to Read Topographic Maps
  • pH Testing

Poster Displays

  • Sustainability Pioneers
  • Weather vs. Climate
  • Your Carbon Footprint
  • Understanding Your Energy Future
  • Helpful Bacteria
  • What Can Red Wigglers Eat? (About Composting)
  • Invasive Species in Pennsylvania

Come by the Library on Earth Day! Bring your kids! Tell your friends!